1. Registering your fan club with Patriots.com is merely a means to promote your club to other Patriots fans, and in no way implies supervision, management, or facilitation of any kind by the Patriots of your club.

  2. Special features, over time, may offered by the Patriots for you to use for your club or on your club's website such as RSS news feeds or online proshop discount coupons. The Patriots make no guarantee these will be available and will notify the primary registrant of your club when or if they are.

  3. By registering your club with Patriots.com, you agree to only link to your fan club's website, if you have one, and that your fan club website is suitable for Patriots fans of all ages.

  4. Promoting a public gathering spot for your fan club is encouraged as long as the location is suitable for fans of all ages. It is permissable to promote an establishment that serves alcohol as long as no adult entertainment is available at the location.

  5. In order to keep your fan club registered with Patriots.com, you agree to periodically update your list of active members at a minimum of once every six months.

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